Being a teenage girl can be awkward. So can directing someone to toss a muddy soccer ball at a teenage girl’s face. Fortunately, that was only a small part of what we did when we partnered with DDB NY to direct, design, and animate 11 digital spots for Clean & Clear US, Indonesia, and India. Three prosthetic zits, 20+ oil-absorbing sheets, and one very special locker lemur later, we felt confident we had turned awkward into awesome for teenage girls everywhere.


Each spot included an awkward situation, an awesome save - and an animated how-to sequence featuring Clean & Clear products. We kept the graphic system iconic, fresh and fun, with an elevated doodle appeal for that authentic teenage scent. Our teenage stars were all good sports about running into glass doors, eating falling salad, getting a soccer ball thrown at their face, and fake falling asleep. Which was really awesome. We couldn’t have done it all without our production partners, Trollbäck + Co., who are just plain awesome and very rarely awkward and our audio house You Too Can Woo, who it is confirmed, can definitely WOO.




And/Or Team 
Kelli Miller: Creative Director, Design
Kendra Eash: Creative Director, Copy

Erin Kilkenny: Art Director
Christie Brown: Editor

Trollbäck Team
Elyse Roth: Executive Producer
Erica Schrager: Head of Production
Betsy Jones: Producer
Paris Glickman: Animation
September Raines: Editor

You Too Can Woo


Live Action Team 
Kelli Miller & Kendra Eash: Co-Directors
Noah David Smith: DP
Gaye Lirot: Line Producer
Production Design: Glenn Gatti
Jennipa Han: Stylist & Wardrobe
Brittney Romney: Hair & Make-up

DDB Team 
Hannah Fishman: Global Creative Director
Walter Brindak: Executive Producer
Erin Albertson: Accountant Executive
Talia Rapp: Copywriter
Carlo Fernandini: Art Director

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