Many of our friends and collaborators are directors, filmmakers, and producers. As a result, we occasionally take on film projects that align with our studio vision. Look for our work in a cinema near you.


Certain Women
We were thrilled to design the title sequence for Kelly Reichardt’s 2016 film Certain Women, based on short stories by Maile Meloy and starring Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Jared Harris, Kristen Stewart, and Lily Gladstone. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Reichardt, one of the most critically-acclaimed directors in modern independent cinema, to design a title sequence that complemented the impeccable pacing, subtle tension, and unpretentious realism of the film.


Goodnight Brooklyn:
The Story of Death by Audio

Things we like: punk, DIY music venues, and fighting the man. After discovering we were neighbors with guitar-pedal-manufacturer-turned-punk venue Death by Audio, we were psyched to design and animate the titles and graphics for their 2016 documentary chronicling the origin, community, influence, and closure of their space.


A Woman, A Part
Artist and experimental filmmaker Elisabeth Subrin’s feature debut A Woman, A Part is a meditation on identity, creativity, and community with feminist undertones, just the type of project we like. Our opening title sequence reflects the divided self and kinetic energy of creative reassembly that Subrin expertly evokes in the film.


Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict
We partnered with Trollbäck + Co. to design and shoot the opening title sequence and graphics for the 2015 documentary Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict. Working with DP Noah David Smith, we placed the camera beneath a piece of plexiglass to capture and mimic the bold brushstrokes of the abstract expressionists Peggy championed during her life, including Jackson Pollock and Robert Motherwell.


And/Or Team 
Kelli Miller: Creative Director, Design, Animation
Larisa Martin: Design, Animation / Goodnight Brooklyn
Christie Brown: Montage Editor / Goodnight Brooklyn, Peggy Guggenheim

Kelly Reichardt: Director, Certain Women
Matt Conboy: Director, Goodnight Brooklyn
Elisabeth Subrin: Director, A Woman, A Part
Trollbäck + Co: Production partner, Peggy Guggenheim

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