Lip Sync Battle is a pop culture phenomenon that features celebrities facing off for lip sync bragging rights each week. Heading into its fourth season, the show was in need of a wardrobe change that would match its status as one of the most entertaining, dynamic, and rock and roll shows on TV.

Working with Casey Patterson Entertainment, we developed a new show open and graphics package that would be adaptable and flexible for every celebrity appearance.


We started by exploring the logo and visual identity of the show. We developed a candid all-access look and feel influenced by nightlife and music culture, giving viewers the feel of getting up close and personal with the weekly celebrity talent.


The look for the photography of celeb contestants was inspired by the off the cuff polaroid work of Andy Warhol and Chris Makos and supported by a VIP behind-the-scenes look that showcased the party backstage. Two photographers, Peter Yang and Adam Mengual, firing on all cylinders at each taping, captured the energy of each show.

The show’s post production team can swap out talent photography as necessary with our custom toolkit, creating a unique open for each episode.


And/Or Team 
Creative Director: Kelli Miller
Head of Production: Diana Mandelare-Au
Art Direction: Kelli Miller, Sarah Cohen
Animation Director: Olga Povarchuk
Design: Kelli Miller, Alec Donovan, Larisa Martin, Sarah Cohen, Diksha Watwani, Adam Wentworth
Animation: Olga Povarchuk, Diksha Watwani, Larisa Martin
Editor: Matt Burke

Photography: Peter Yang, Adam Mengual

Casey Patterson Team 
Showrunner: Casey Patterson
Executive Producer: Todd Lubin
Co-Executive Producer: Pete Diobilda
Producer: Josh Greenberg
Post Supervisor: Craig Windes
... And a million more people who are too numerous to list here!

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