For their 2017 upfront campaign, NBCUniversal was looking for a way to express all their brand had to offer, from massive reach and multiple properties to access to A-list talent and internal research and strategy teams.

Building off of their previous year’s campaign of “Reach Redefined,” we partnered with NBCU’s internal team to come up with a copy-driven solution that became a flexible system they could apply across all of their properties.  



Each NBCU property was assigned a series of ingredients that spoke to business value, brand value, and fan value, as well as a payoff – the unique offering that makes NBCU the best partner for maximum return on investment.



We used our formula to come up with single ingredients for each talent, as well as combinations of ingredients for groups of talent, creating a system that worked across all of the campaign platforms.


Our team developed, designed and animated 78 digital OOH ads, including prominent placements across NYC and L.A. A clean, elegant animation style helped keep NBCU talent front and center, and pulled off the challenge of translating NBCU’s business and consumer appeal.


And/Or Team 
Executive Creative Director: Kelli Miller
Creative Director: Kendra Eash
Executive Producer: Nika Offenbac
Producer: Zack Tupper, Heidi Tannenbaum, Diana Mandelare-Au
Junior Producer: Meredith Alloway
Art Director: Elliot Blanchard, Erin Kilkenny
Technical Director: Jon Smith
Design: Sarah Cohen, Erin Kilkenny, Larisa Martin, Olga Povarchuk, Maggie Tsao
Animation: Elliot Blanchard, Yussef Cole, Erin Kilkenny, Jules Koetsch, Larisa Martin, Olga Povarchuk, Stephanie Swart 
Editor: Christie Brown

NBCUniversal Team 
ECD, NBCUniversal Integrated Media: John Shea
SVP, NBCUniversal Content Innovation Agency: Scott Weisenthal
ECD, NBCUniversal Content Innovation Agency: Rachel Yoo Digerness
VP, Brand Strategy NBCUniversal Content Innovation Agency: Steven Rummer
EP, NBCUniversal Content Innovation Agency: Andrew Gottlieb
Project Manager, Upfront Campaign and Event: Sandy Mogelburg
Project Manager Creative, NBCUniversal Content Innovation Agency: Victoria Toso
Copywriter: Ben Cochran

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