In the hump, out the shoot. The work never ends, but neither do the laughs. Each year, we set aside time to work on internal projects that help us keep that new creative smell in the studio. The idea is to try new stuff, collaborate with people we like, and bring an art brain to all things commercial.


What Happened 2017
In 2016 we made a tote about all the crazy crap that happened. It sold out and 2017 was even more of a shit storm, so we totes did it again. Exclusively available at our store, they make a great gift and conversation starter! All proceeds go to the ACLU.



Happy Mother's Day!
It’s not always easy to explain what we do. So for Mother’s Day this year, we asked the people who love us most to do it for us. Our Moms are the best. Featuring Donna, Fatma, Gayle, Cheryl, Alis, and Esther.

Thanks to our friends and collaborators Yussef Cole, Erin Kilkenny, Larisa Martin, and Christie Brown for letting us borrow their Moms.



One Year of And/Or
The And/Or One Year printed broadsheet is a documentation of the process of starting a creative studio, including lessons learned, small successes, struggles, and self-doubt over the course of our first year in business. The aim of the piece was to promote our studio’s sensibility around the theme of a vision-in-progress. Want a copy? Buy one for a just one buck at our store.



Total Bummer
Technology is supposed to be a symbol of progress and enlightenment. But it doesn’t always work that way. It often breaks down, disappoints, and distances us from humanity. Total Bummer examines the didactic emotional representation of human to machine interactions in stock photography by pairing re-built binary illustrations with search terms.

Total Bummer received an FPO Award and has been featured on It’s Nice That. The zine is sold online and at several shops across the U.S. and Europe, including Printed Matter, Otherwild, and the International Center of Photography. Want a copy? Buy it here.


Post Comment Below
The Internet is weird, especially the comment sections. We didn’t want our favorite exchanges to disappear into a black hole, so we created Post Comment Below, a collection of Internet ephemera that serves as a banal time capsule of digital conversation.

We’ve exhibited the ‘zine at the BRIC project room in Brooklyn and in collaboration with The Work Office (TWO) project, and received press from Dazed Digital and Yahoo News. Want a copy? Buy it here.

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